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Unparalleled Life Settlement Success

This life settlement story almost wouldn't be believable, if it weren't true. Luckily for this family, this real life example is not only true, but unparalleled in Settlement Benefits' history dating back to 2002. This story excellently demonstrates how all the many pieces of a Life Settlement puzzle must be coordinated to best benefit each [...]

Unparalleled Life Settlement Success2020-05-04T10:16:21-04:00

Life Settlement Case Examples

As a broker, we will work on anything that we can find a buyer for. Currently, buyers are targeting seniors over the age of 70, or policy holders with terminal illnesses of any age. Learn more about who qualifies for a Life Settlement. It can take 6-8 weeks to [...]

Life Settlement Case Examples2018-05-02T08:04:48-04:00

A Closer Look Proves Beneficial

An 89 year old female approached an agent of ours about reducing the face value of her $4,000,000 policy due to increases in the premiums due.  This universal life policy had been issued 15 years earlier and premiums were now projected to cost $467,227 annually to properly fund the policy to age 100. The [...]

A Closer Look Proves Beneficial2018-04-25T11:33:46-04:00

Sell A Life Insurance Policy

In this life settlement success story, we turn our focus to a client who struggled more with the timing of his life settlement than the valuation of his policy. His initial question to us was "when should I sell my life insurance policy?" not "can I sell my life insurance policy?" or "how much is [...]

Sell A Life Insurance Policy2018-08-28T12:32:13-04:00

Life Settlement Success Story

As you know, life settlements offer new options to clients, and we were recently approached by a family looking for something that could shift their financial outlook. The husband, 74, had been diagnosed with dementia and several other minor health issues. His mental acuity had begun a more rapid decline. The wife, seeing this and [...]

Life Settlement Success Story2016-10-20T09:14:12-04:00

Upgraded Replacement Case Example

This client needed to continue his life insurance coverage.  His existing term policy contained conversion privileges.  Instead of letting his existing term policy lapse, we were able to generate a life settlement offer.  The proceeds from this transaction were used to fund a new term life policy with premiums slightly lower (due to changes in [...]

Upgraded Replacement Case Example2016-10-20T09:14:12-04:00

Sale of a term life insurance policy

A life insurance agent recently conducted a yearly review of his client's life insurance policy.  Noting that the policy was soon to run out of conversion privilege, he decided to explore options on this policy.  After realizing the estate had shrunk and the need for insurance was less than previously calculated, the agent recommended a [...]

Sale of a term life insurance policy2016-10-20T09:14:14-04:00

Life Settlement funds nursing home expense

Recently, the son of an 88 year old male approached Settlement Benefits Association to request an appraisal on his father's life insurance policy.  The son could no longer afford to pay both the premiums on the policy and the nursing home expenses the father required.  Although the $205,000 policy is considered small in our industry [...]

Life Settlement funds nursing home expense2014-10-24T10:54:28-04:00

SBA surpasses competiting broker’s offer by over $100,000

This client's estate planning attorney contacted Settlement Benefits Association to conduct a Life Settlement appraisal.  They had a combined offer from another broker of $900,000 for the client's two $5,000,000 policies.  After extensive negotiations with various licensed providers, SBA was able to get the client $1,010,000.  By being thorough, SBA provided significant value to this [...]

SBA surpasses competiting broker’s offer by over $100,0002016-10-20T09:14:14-04:00

Life Settlement helps relieve financial burden

Recently, a 74 year old male in good health approached his financial planner with a problem.  One of his children was in need of some financial assistance to cover some extraordinary medical costs.  Since the planner had previously completed some Life Settlement cases with Settlement Benefits Association, he presented the idea of selling the client's [...]

Life Settlement helps relieve financial burden2016-10-20T09:14:14-04:00