Life Settlement Offer Analysis

Your life insurance policy can be difficult to value and understand. To help our clients solve this problem, we offer an extensive valuation & analysis tool. Our goal is to facilitate a fair and accurate appraisal of the asset and help you make the best decision for your family.

This starts with an initial valuation of the policy based on the policy and health details you provide.  Then, we extend this analysis using our data-driven model and help you personalize the valuation further.

We will calculate an anticipated life expectancy and can help you understand what your policy could be worth in different scenarios.

Additionally, we can help evaluate any life settlement offers you receive on your policy.

Questions we can help answer with a thorough analysis:

  • Can I sell my life insurance policy?
  • Should I sell my life insurance policy?
  • What is my policy worth?
  • Am I better off keeping, lapsing, or selling that policy?
  • How do I get the maximum value for that policy?
  • What is the right time to sell?
  • What are the potential tax implications?
  • What alternative options do I have that may make my policy more attractive to keep?

There are 3 facets to determining the fair market value of life insurance:

  • the policy structure and costs
  • the insured’s actuarial life expectancy
  • the current market dynamics

Should I sell or keep the policy? What other alternatives do I have?

Evaluate Your Options


If we assume that you can earn investment returns on both the settllement payout and the premium savings over the same life expectancy as, we can calculate the future value of selling the policy.


If we assume the premium amount you supplied will keep the policy inforce until the life expectancy, what is the actual future value of the death benefit minus those premium payments?

Our policy analysis includes discussions of:

What is the true value of a Life Settlement broker? Brokers offer powerful advantages for the policy owner:

Brokers owe policy owners a fiduciary duty to act in their best interest. This eliminates conflicts of interests and allows a broker to advocate for your best solution.  Brokers will generally increase the Life Settlement offer for your policy. This is accomplished by increasing the demand for a policy and arranging the bidding process in the seller’s favor.  Brokers often offer full disclosure and transparency to the process of the Life Settlement transaction. This reduces confusion and helps you understand your policy and the benefits of your options.  Brokers perform a wide variety of services that otherwise may not be completed or may not be implemented to your best advantage. This includes underwriting both your medical profile and analyzing the structure of your life insurance policy. Furthermore, professional brokers will incur all of the costs associated with these services.  Professional brokers will seek and present alternatives for you even if that does not include selling a policy.

Learn What Your Policy Is Worth
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