Life Settlement Example

August 22, 2022 | By WebFX

River rapids flowing over rocksAt the beginning of the COVID pandemic, we were presented a case from a writing agent.  The client owned a $1.5M expiring Genworth term policy.  The conversion deadline loomed within a few weeks and it was an uncertain time in the world.

The insured, a 68 year old male, did previously have leukemia but was healthy and didn’t have a need for this much coverage.  He certainly would not be willing to pay the more expensive premiums on a converted policy.  It did not look like an easy case, and most buyers declined to offer due to his age and longer life expectancy.  However, Settlement Benefits Association found a buyer willing to purchase the policy and secured over $400,000 for the client.

Both the agent and the client were pleasantly surprised with the offer, and eager to complete the deal.

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