Benefits of a Life Settlement

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Benefits for the Financial Professional

  • Create new capital for your client
  • Sell more needed or cost effective life products or annuities
  • Reduce lapse rates
  • Keep original policy in force
  • Offer a creative valuable service to your clients
  • Receive extra commissions
  • Keep renewal and trailer incomes
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Benefits for the Policy Holder

  • Purchase life insurance to cover estate taxes
  • Estate size changes creating the need for a larger or smaller face value to cover taxes
  • Fund new more cost effective coverage
  • Fund a life product that better suits individual needs
  • Purchase a survivorship policy
  • Pay off a debt
  • Funds for a charitable gift / Gift to family members
  • Create funds to invest elsewhere
  • More valuable alternative than surrendering a policy
  • Purchase long term care insurance
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Business Applications

  • Key-man insurance no longer needed
  • Buy/sell agreement is no longer needed due to a company sale
  • Purchase a minority interest in a business
  • Bankruptcy creates need for liquidation
  • Pay off company debt

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