Financial Professionals

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Supporting our financial professional partners is an important goal for us at Settlement Benefits Association. We understand how Life Settlements are not the right solution for every client. But when you find the right situation, selling an unwanted or unneeded life insurance policy can be an important recommendation.

As your back office in this market, we provide industry leading service levels, premium commissions, a non-circumvention pledge, and of course…the highest offers the market will yield.

Additionally, we offer an unmatched toolbox designed to help you quickly and simply serve your clients with the highest levels of professionalism. Learn more about some of these tools below.



This tool will quickly and easily calculate an initial valuation of a policy. This starting point, along with a situational analysis, helps you decide if we should formally underwrite a policy and get market offers.


Formal appraisal requests no longer require tedious paperwork. Using our flexible online tool, you can work with your client to complete and sign an expedited online application; or you can fill in the details and send your client a printable pdf or link for online signatures.

We have even setup a feature where you can forward this specially coded link to your clients and their application will automatically be tracked back to you as their financial professional.


Using our tax estimator, you will gather the important details and produce a pdf document suitable for sharing with a tax professional.


With LSTAR (Life Settlement Tracking Administrative Record) Settlement Benefits Association is creating a new dimension of service for our partners, allowing partners to view updated status information on each case.