Working Together

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Here at the Settlement Benefits Association, we are dedicated to serving the needs of policy holders in the best manner possible, and we understand that you, the financial professional, are a huge part of that equation.   Our close working relationships with Estate Planning Attorneys, Certified Financial Planners, and Life Insurance Agents have been invaluable to our success.

Your clients depend on you for the expertise to deal with many different financial scenarios, and your ability to offer our unique financial tools to them may be crucial.

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What You Will Receive Working With Us

Premium commissions on every transaction

Determine your own commissions!  You know your clients, you know their unique situations, so…YOU TELL US what will work.*

Non-circumvention pledge

We will never contact your client directly, unless you want us to. That is your relationship, and we respect that.

True client representation

We are not owned by or affiliated (exclusively or otherwise) with any funding groups.  Instead, we have relationships with over 20 funding groups that allow us to present cases individually.  This allows us to truly bring your cases to the entire marketplace and secure the highest possible offers.

Simple appraisal process

We conduct appraisals, with no cost or obligation so that policy holders can understand the true value of their life insurance. One simple request form begins the process, and since we are a full service brokerage, we completely underwrite the file form that point forward.

Free online access to case updates

Utilize our LSTAR partner login system to view live updated status reports on your Life Settlement cases.

*Commissions must follow all applicable regulations.


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