We Have The Life Settlement Blueprint

March 11, 2014 | By Adam Lippman

Bridge spanning over a river

As a Life Settlement broker, we help people understand and maximize the value of their life insurance. We use our experience to build bridges that connect people with new financial options. And now, with the launch of our latest web site, SettlementBenefits.com is helping share our blueprint in new and exciting ways. Some of the informative features of the new site include:


  • A brand new infographic explaining the process of selling a life insurance policy.
  • The Life Settlement Tax Guide is the ultimate resource to help policy owners and financial professional understand the tax implications of a Life Settlement.
  • The testimonials section allows you to read what others have said about working with Settlement Benefits Association.
  • New Options…New Benefits: learn how a life settlement can work for you, and how the many different variations make it a flexible financial tool.
  • Your policy has value, the question is…how much? Request a free policy evaluation to tap into our experience in this industry.
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