5 Insider Tips to Obtain the Best Life Settlement Offers

February 14, 2008 | By Adam Lippman

5 insider tips to obtain the best life settlement offersOver the past few years, the Life Settlement industry has grown and matured tremendously.  By some estimates, over $12 billion of life insurance was transacted during 2007.  This growth has generated many positive changes in the industry, including increased legislation, the utilization of technology and the development of best practices.  However, this growth has also attracted many new entrants into the marketplace.  This increasing pool of industry participants has muddied the waters for many insurance producers when it comes time to decide who to partner with.  Similar-sounding companies peddling comparable propositions can create the appearance that everybody is the same.  However, that appearance is misleading.  Many of these new entrants lack the experience to handle the many intricacies and stumbling points within the process of a Life Settlement.


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