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A Closer Look Proves Beneficial

An 89 year old female approached an agent of ours about reducing the face value of her $4,000,000 policy due to increases in the premiums due.  This universal life policy had been issued 15 years earlier and premiums were now projected to cost $467,227 annually to properly fund the policy to age 100. The [...]

A Closer Look Proves Beneficial2018-04-25T11:33:46-04:00

I wanted to communicate our sincere thanks…

Noam, I wanted to communicate our sincere thanks for the guidance you provided as you have stepped my family through this process. We found ourselves in an un-enviable position medically that left us very vulnerable. Medically, we are working through those challenges in front of us, but financially, we were struggling to balance and prepare [...]

I wanted to communicate our sincere thanks…2016-10-20T09:14:09-04:00


Often, the biggest hurdle in pursuing the sale of a life insurance policy revolves around the potential taxation of any proceeds from the transaction. To make a fair and accurate analysis of any life settlement options, policy owners and insureds must understand how the transaction can impact their bottom line. Furthermore, like most things related [...]


5 Common Mistakes That Devalue Your Life Settlement Transaction

Like all markets, the life settlement market continues to evolve. These market developments, both major and minor, frequently have repercussions across the various dimensions of a Life Settlement transaction. One thing hasn't changed: these transactions can be complex and time consuming. To learn more about maximizing the value of your life insurance download this free [...]

5 Common Mistakes That Devalue Your Life Settlement Transaction2016-10-20T09:14:09-04:00


As mentioned last week, the life settlement industry is recalibrating itself after a major underwriting change was announced at a popular life expectancy provider. This reclalibration has now thrown a wrench into the life settlement industry gears, as the life expectancy provider has apparently identified several issues that created errors in the new reports. In [...]


Sell A Life Insurance Policy

In this life settlement success story, we turn our focus to a client who struggled more with the timing of his life settlement than the valuation of his policy. His initial question to us was "when should I sell my life insurance policy?" not "can I sell my life insurance policy?" or "how much is [...]

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Life Settlement Success Story

As you know, life settlements offer new options to clients, and we were recently approached by a family looking for something that could shift their financial outlook. The husband, 74, had been diagnosed with dementia and several other minor health issues. His mental acuity had begun a more rapid decline. The wife, seeing this and [...]

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“You are the best”

"Thank you again, I really appreciate your incredible well done job.  You are the best, thank you Noam." -Marcelo in Pembroke Pines, FL

“You are the best”2014-03-14T09:45:05-04:00

Nobody else

"Noam, rest assured, for all sources of funding you are the go to guy. Nobody else; not even Crump, given you delivered more than them; I am loyal to you. Again thanks for your great work." -Gerry, CFP in Odessa, FL

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Email appreciation from a recent client

Sent: Monday, January 25, 2010 12:16 PM To: Noam S. Weiss Subject: Thanks again. Dear Noam, I wanted to send you a brief thank you for all the effort you and your staff put into my life settlement process. Just the amount of work involved to get my medical records would have been, for me, [...]

Email appreciation from a recent client2014-03-14T09:45:13-04:00
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