Unlock the money trapped in your already donated life insurance policies by having us appraise your life insurance policies.  Any policies that qualify can be monetized to help you:

  • Realize cash from your policies today.
  • Eliminate insurance premium payments.

One hypothetical example of how a Life Settlement can be applied:
One philanthropic organization’s endowment contains a whole life policy on an 81-year old male donor. The policy has a $350,000 death benefit and a $20,000 cash surrender value. The monthly premiums on this policy are $1,200. However, the organizations facilities currently require a capital infusion. Instead of surrendering the policy to eliminate the $1,200 monthly payments, the organization has the policy appraised and learns that the policy received an offer of $120,000. The organization accepts this offer, receives $120,000, and no longer has to make the premium payments.