Benefits from Using Life Settlements in Planned Giving

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Benefits for the Fundraising Organization:

  • Increase donations from existing donors, and from donors who may not have been able to contribute otherwise.
  • Collect a lump sum cash settlement today instead of having to wait for the insured’s death to collect gift proceeds.
  • Eliminate the financial burden of premium payments to keep policies in force.
  • Provide a valuable option to the donor that furthers their tax and estate planning objectives and invites the opportunity for future/additional gifts.
  • Improve budget forecasting ability.

Benefits for the Donor:

  • Flexible new options to make donations.
  • Being able to see the benefits of a gift during their lifetime rather than after their death.
  • The ability to make a donation to a favorite fundraising organization without depleting cash reserves or losing income-producing assets.
  • Getting a tax deduction for the fair market value (selling price) of the life insurance policy instead of only the cash surrender value.
  • Eliminating continued premium payments.
  • Removing a taxable asset from their estate (if the policy was individually held).
  • The ability to use the tax deduction and/or other financial benefits resulting from the life insurance gift to purchase a new policy to maintain coverage for the donor’s beneficiaries

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