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Cancer Conqueror Video

This video describes my Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer story from “conventional” oncology to naturopathy.  It was filmed at The Truth About Cancer International Conference in Orlando, Florida in late 2017.

Converting Life Insurance Into Income

Families fighting against terminal diseases face many challenges; be they physical, emotional, or even practical. As life insurance specialists and patient advocates, we can play a role in finding financial strategies to confront some of those challenges.

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How Is It Taxed?

To make a fair and accurate analysis of any viatical settlement options, policy owners and insureds must understand how the transaction can impact their bottom line.

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Unparalleled Life Settlement Success

This life settlement story wouldn’t be believable, if it weren’t true. Luckily for this family, this real life example is not only true, but unparalleled in our history dating back to 2002.

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Marcus' New Financial Mission

Cancer is not a death sentence. The cures are here and I’m living proof.

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Financial Answer For Cancer

Video discussion with Dr. Darrell Wolfe

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Cancer Control Society

I’ve been interviewed twice by Josh Lane of ABC Radio.

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What Is The Process?

It can take 6-8 weeks to underwrite a Viatical Settlement case. View our detailed process infographic to learn about our 3 step process.

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Guided Application

By utilizing Settlement Benefits’ online application, you will be guided through the questions and answers necessary to begin the formal process of requesting an appraisal of your life insurance policy.  Of course, this appraisal is always free and comes with no obligation to accept any offers made on your policy.

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