We are dedicated to helping seniors understand and maximize the value they get out of their life insurance. To do so in a professional, effective, and considerate manner, we have chosen to remain independent from all investment vehicles, never raising capital to purchase policies. By leveraging service relationships with over 20 different funding groups, we bring the greatest potential benefit to our clients. Our goal is to fund every policy.

We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clientele. This commitment ensures that we are always available to work on a case, that we are as quick with any bad news as we are with the good news, and that we will uphold our fiduciary duty to the client.

Furthermore, we stand by our privacy and confidentiality policies, and refuse to compromise our integrity or jeopardize our ethical standards. As a demonstration of this commitment, we have taken the additional step of having our professional licenses, ethical standards, and professional records verified by the National Ethics Bureau, who have deemed us A+ Superior.