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Life Settlement funds nursing home expense

Recently, the son of an 88 year old male approached Settlement Benefits Association to request an appraisal on his father's life insurance policy.  The son could no longer afford to pay both the premiums on the policy and the nursing home expenses the father required.  Although the $205,000 policy is considered small in our industry [...]

Life Settlement funds nursing home expense2014-10-24T10:54:28-04:00

SBA surpasses competiting broker’s offer by over $100,000

This client's estate planning attorney contacted Settlement Benefits Association to conduct a Life Settlement appraisal.  They had a combined offer from another broker of $900,000 for the client's two $5,000,000 policies.  After extensive negotiations with various licensed providers, SBA was able to get the client $1,010,000.  By being thorough, SBA provided significant value to this [...]

SBA surpasses competiting broker’s offer by over $100,0002016-10-20T09:14:14-04:00

Life Settlement helps relieve financial burden

Recently, a 74 year old male in good health approached his financial planner with a problem.  One of his children was in need of some financial assistance to cover some extraordinary medical costs.  Since the planner had previously completed some Life Settlement cases with Settlement Benefits Association, he presented the idea of selling the client's [...]

Life Settlement helps relieve financial burden2016-10-20T09:14:14-04:00

Recent Life Settlement Case Summary

This client had two life insurance policies, totaling $750,000 of universal life.  He decided to have both policies shopped on the secondary marketplace, which we did for him.  This client is 70 years old with health issues.  His estate no longer needed the coverage. After several weeks of generating competitive bids, we were able to secure a high offer [...]

Recent Life Settlement Case Summary2016-10-20T09:14:14-04:00

Life Settlement Case Summary

A 75 year old male with a $200,000 term policy past its conversion period came to Settlement Benefits Association for a Life Settlement appraisal.  The client's premiums were going to triple in three years and he needed to sell the policy. Settlement Benefits was able to shop the entire institutional marketplace and find a provider [...]

Life Settlement Case Summary2016-10-20T09:14:15-04:00

Life Settlement Case Summary

A 65 year old male in relatively good health presented a combined $1.3M in total insurance through his Certified Financial Planner.  The coverage was no longer needed since his wife had recently passed away.  The insured, who was also the policy owner, wanted a way to fund his grandchildren's college fund despite his limited liquidity.  As [...]

Life Settlement Case Summary2016-10-20T09:14:16-04:00

Case Summary on an 79 year old male

This client had several term policies with a combined death benefit of $900,000.  Premiums were 2.5% to maturity and he needed a better product to suit his estate.  He accepted an offer of $219,000 and used the money to purchase a long term care plan.

Case Summary on an 79 year old male2016-10-20T09:14:16-04:00

Case Summary on a 61 year old male

SBA was given an opportunity to work with a 61 year old client who had significant health issues.  His policy was in jeopardy of lapsing and his financial planner determined that his life policy was no longer needed.  After an initial offer of $18,000, were able to secure bids from three separate licensed providers, and push the final offer [...]

Case Summary on a 61 year old male2016-10-20T09:14:16-04:00

Case Summary on a 82 year old female

The planned giving professional at an assisted living facility contacted us regarding this case.  He had a client who could no longer afford the care of his facility.  She had previously donated her own life insurancy policy to the facility, with the promise to continue making premium payments, which she also could no longer afford.  Seeking creative solutions [...]

Case Summary on a 82 year old female2016-10-20T09:14:16-04:00

Case Summary on a 71 year old male

This client approached us about conducting a policy evaluation on his $200,000 universal life policy.  With his premiums of a little over $12,000 annually and no surrender value left in the policy, he no longer wanted to maintain the coverage.  Although it is more difficult to gather bids on smaller face values, we were able [...]

Case Summary on a 71 year old male2016-10-20T09:14:16-04:00
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